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Central Administration Circle

As a federation we are working on broadening our network to other national sports federations and clubs, as well as to international (umbrella) organizations, to build bridges to other types of sport and maintain an active and transparent cooperation.

To support the activities of the „Central Administration“ Circle within the IRV organization, we are looking for a Members, Clubs & Federations Volunteer.

  • With your ideas and activities you support the growth of the IRV network
  • Work with International Sports Federations (e.g. CSIT, Sports Accord, …)
    • You fathom new cooperations with other national and international sports federations
    • You take an active role in the collaboration with other federations, to build a solid organizational and financial framework for the IRV
    • You are part of sports congresses, workshops and take an active role in spreading the word of #Wheel Gymnastics
  • Expand and improve the IRV Membership Regulations
    • With your brilliant ideas, you enhance the existing IRV Membership Regulations, to make it even more affordable, valuable and attractive.
    • You identify potential obstacles for new members and work with your circle colleagues to get these out of the way.
    • You advise new and existing members in getting the most out of their membership

This job is part of the „Central Administration“ Circle, so you’ll work closely with the IRV President and Vice-Presidents. If you have questions about this job, the activities or whatever, do not hesitate to contact Henning via Email or Facebook Message

Um sich für diesen Job zu bewerben, senden Sie Ihre Unterlagen per E-Mail an HHenningsen@rhoenrad.com