Straight-Line Regulations 2020: NEW PUBLICATION

The IRV Code of Points team has produced a "one-stop" document containing ALL relevant information for straight-line routines without music. This is a new and complete publication of existing documentation. It is essential reading for judges, coaches and gymnasts preparing for the 2020 World Championships and is available in English and German. A supplementary document for routines to music will follow. This version of the General Regulations for Straight-Line builds on the German Code of Point

Straight-Line Regulations 2020: NEW PUBLICATION2020-02-15T12:43:44+01:00

10th Team World Championships will be hosted in Leipzig / Germany on 15th of May 2021

After the successful Team World Championships (TWC) in Akita / Japan in spring 2019 the next TWC will take place 2021 in Leipzig / Germany. For the first time IRV organizes also a Junior Team World Championship. The competition format and the qualification mode will not be altered. Both competitions will be held in during the International German Gymnastics Festival (12-16th of May 2021) in a suitable venue at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Participants will receive a festival pass, which allows them

10th Team World Championships will be hosted in Leipzig / Germany on 15th of May 20212019-12-19T16:05:35+01:00

Update to 2019 IRV Cyr Wheel Regulations

Dear Cyr Wheelers, After an international CYR meeting in Austria in November, two minor changes were made to the 2019 regulations: “Prevention of a fall” (0.2 deduction per occurrence) was moved from “execution deductions” to “independent deductions” (for both technical and artistic programmes) Calculation of the maximum score for the technical programme was changed from (DIFFICULTY) + (2 x EXECUTION) = maximum 15 points .... to → 1.5 x (DIFFICULTY + EXECUTION) = maximum 15 points We also ask gy

Update to 2019 IRV Cyr Wheel Regulations2019-12-11T20:43:57+01:00

Changes in the 2020 Judges Registration Formalities

Dear friends of Wheel Gymnastics and IRV member countries, We were informed that the changes in the Judges Registration Formalities as recently published within the Competition Rules 2020 have led to some misunderstandings and unexpected challenges. Countries have already planned for the World Championships 2020 in New York and the changes in the “new” Judges Registration Formalities would have affected them a lot. The Competition Rules 2020 should have been published in September 2019, but ext

Changes in the 2020 Judges Registration Formalities2019-12-07T19:58:48+01:00

Competition Rules 2020 published

The IRV 2020 Competition Rules document has been finalized and published. The competition rules are the foundation for the 2020 IRV World Championships in New Jersey (USA), as well as the 2021 IRV Team World Championships in Leipzig (Germany). Major alterations are: the renaming of the All-Around Competitions to Semi-Finale. Addition of an All-Around Finale for Juniors new regulations regarding the number of judges rules for qualifying for the Team World Championships new Cyr competition format

Competition Rules 2020 published2019-12-01T21:21:28+01:00

Publication of Cyr Wheel Code of Points 2019

The IRV is pleased to announce the publication of the 2019 CYR WHEEL  Code of Points, including an updated Difficulty Catalogue (bilingual English-German), as well as regulations for the Technical Programme (in English) and Artistic Programme (in English). These documents will be valid for the 2020 World Championships. The format of the regulations has been simplified since 2018 and we hope CYR competitors preparing for 2020 will welcome the changes. Video links to skills from the difficulty ca

Publication of Cyr Wheel Code of Points 20192019-10-03T10:51:38+02:00

Gym Wheel, Cyr Wheel, Beach and summer in Tortosa

A personal report by Hauke Narten (Germany) for the IRV Wheel Workshop Week during the CSIT World Sports Games in Tortosa (Spain) Gym Wheel, Cyr Wheel, Beach, summer and great People all together in one place. Sounds awesome? All of this and even more - that was the IRV Wheel Workshop week in Tortosa 2019, and it was awesome. Indeed! Many years have passed since the last International IRV training camp in Ede, Netherlands. I always hoped that the Idea of an open training camp could be revived. A

Gym Wheel, Cyr Wheel, Beach and summer in Tortosa2019-07-29T21:52:55+02:00

Highlights of 2019 Team World Cup

The 2019 World Team Cup in Wheel Gymnastics in Japan was an outstanding competition and a milestone in the history of the IRV. For the first time, the international Wheel Gymnastics Community came to Japan for an international competition. Round about 3.000 spectators watched the 2019 Team World Cup with the local competitors Yasuhiko Takahashi and Aya Horiguchi. A short video with all highlights of the competition is now available. Event Page with Results Blog Post: "Team Germany wins 2019 Team

Highlights of 2019 Team World Cup2019-04-28T12:11:20+02:00

Germany wins 2019 Team World Cup in Akita

The German team wins the 2019 Team World Cup in Akita. With a total of 21 points the athletes Kira Homeyer, Sarah Metz, Carsten Heimer and Luca Christ from Germany got the gold medal in the competition in Akita, Japan. Second place goes to Japan, with the local "stars" Yasuhiko Takahashi and Aya Horiguchi and their team mates Yuki Matsuura and Daisuke Mori. Bronze medal goes to Team Switzerland with Cheyenne Rechsteiner, Leonie Botta, Simon Rufener and Matthias Reich. Team Netherlands got 4th pl

Germany wins 2019 Team World Cup in Akita2019-05-01T01:39:32+02:00
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