Thank You – 2019. Akita

“An amazingly well organized event with an incredible audience!” Simon Rufener, Switzerland “It was amazing to compete in such a big hall with so many spectators”. Martine van den Boogaard, the Netherlands These are only two reactions to the 2019 Team World Cup in Japan. Athletes and Trainers were overwhelmed.

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Highlights of 2019 Team World Cup

The 2019 World Team Cup in Wheel Gymnastics in Japan was an outstanding competition and a milestone in the history of the IRV. For the first time, the international Wheel Gymnastics Community came to Japan for an international competition. Round about 3.000 spectators watched the 2019 Team World Cup with the local competitors Yasuhiko Takahashi and Aya Horiguchi. A short video with all highlights of the competition is now available. Event Page with Results Blog Post: "Team Germany wins 2019 Team

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Germany wins 2019 Team World Cup in Akita

The German team wins the 2019 Team World Cup in Akita. With a total of 21 points the athletes Kira Homeyer, Sarah Metz, Carsten Heimer and Luca Christ from Germany got the gold medal in the competition in Akita, Japan. Second place goes to Japan, with the local "stars" Yasuhiko Takahashi and Aya Horiguchi and their team mates Yuki Matsuura and Daisuke Mori. Bronze medal goes to Team Switzerland with Cheyenne Rechsteiner, Leonie Botta, Simon Rufener and Matthias Reich. Team Netherlands got 4th pl

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Video Livestream of 2019 Team World Cup in Akita, Japan

The 2019 Team World Cup on Sunday, 21st April will be streamed through the official IRV youtube channel "IRV Wheel Gymnastics". The livestream is scheduled to start at 12:00 p.m. (April 21) local time in Japan (GMT+9). This means a local time in central Europe of 05:00  a.m. on Sunday, April 21. more information about 2019 Team World Cup Youtube Livestream 2019 Team World Cup

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#RollingChallenge for 2019 Team World Cup in Akita

#RollingChallenge No. 1 How do you prepare for the competition? Put your phones on camera mode and press the button. +++++++++ Retrospective #RollingChallenge2018 / Magglingen / World Championships During the World Championships in Magglingen you put yourself into your plane’s overhead lockers, you hung down from signposts and bridges and you put the most incredible team photos together. All this to compete for the #rollingChallenge trophy. And the winner was: the team of the Netherlands. Sieh d

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