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Team World Cup

2019. Akita


World Championships

Wheel Workshop Week

2019. Tortosa

Spain, July 2-7

The IRV invites Gym Wheel and Cyr Wheel enthusiasts from all over the world to join us at the 2019 CSIT World Sports Games in Tortosa/Spain. The IRV’s destination, L’Ampolla, is a 20- minutes bus ride away from Tortosa. Our venue (L’Ampolla Pavilion) and both hotels are directly at the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Azahar. Come and enjoy your Wheel Summer Holidays!



International Wheel Gymnastics Federation

The IRV (International Wheel Gymnastics Federation) is the international representative body for the sport of wheel gymnastics.

The IRV organises the World Championships, Team World Cup, coaching courses, judging courses, training and youth camps. It is also responsible for the international Code of Points and certification of international judges and coaches. The IRV is based in Switzerland and has an executive board and technical commission comprising nine representatives from different countries who work on a voluntary basis to pave the way forward for the federation.

There are three competitive disciplines within regular wheel gymnastics: straight-linespiral and vault. Another form of wheel gymnastics, the Cyr wheel, was added to the IRV’s competitive programme in 2013. The Cyr wheel (a wheel with only one rim and no handles), with its alternative and innovative moves, provides an added dimension to the fascination of wheel gymnastics.

Charter for Ethics in Sport

No Doping
Sports Ethics

Working together for healthy, respectful and fair sport!

The seven principles of the Charter for Ethics in Sport are appendix of the IRV Articles of Association.

  1. Equal treatment for all!
    There must be no discrimination on the basis of nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, social background, religious or political affiliations.
  2. Sport in harmony with the social sphere!
    The demands of training and competition must be compatible with education, work and family life.
  3. Encouragement of personal and shared responsibility!
    Athletes must be actively involved in decisions affecting them.
  4. Respectful encouragement, not excessive pressure!
    Sporting goals must not be achieved at the expense of the physical or psychological well-being of athletes.
  5. Teaching fairness and environmental responsibility!
    Athletes must behave with respect for each other and the environment.
  6. Against violence, exploitation and sexual assault!
    Prevention without misguided taboos: be alert, raise awareness and intervene rigorously.
  7. Rejection of drugs and addictive substances!
    Provide continuous information and intervene immediately in the event of consumption.

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